Outrageous assault! Nutjob footballer in Estonia mindlessly kicks an opponent in the gut

A vicious, horrific assault was spotted in Estonia a couple of days ago.

Round seven of the season saw Rakvere Tarvas collect a 3-1 win over Puuma in the second tier, Esiliiga A division, and the visitors were left a man down in the final moments after one of their players lost his mind.

Russian forward Yaroslav Dmitriev, probably pissed at the fact that his team were abou to lose their seventh straight match at the start of the new season, brutally kicked out at Rakvere Tarvas opponent after a nothing body-check near the sidelines.

Dmitriev stopped playing football to deliver a thumping kick into his victim’s gut, and after flattening his opponent Dmitriev then smashed the ball at his stomach.

Watch the crazy Estonian assault below.