Out of Madrid? Kaka dines with Robinho, says “I’m ready to come back to Milan”

Often transfer rumours are full of speculation, conjecture and dodgy quotes from faceless sources. Not this time.

On Wednesday night the Italian media descended on a restaurant, ‘Finger’s Garden’, a Japanese-Brazilian eatery owned by Clarence Seedorf, where they found Brazilian internationals Robinho and Kaka eating dinner together with their partners.

Kaka, who has been of the periphery on activities at Real Madrid for some time, was questioned about a possible return to AC Milan, and the playmaker gave a definite thumbs up to the proposed move back to the San Siro.

Kaka told Sky reporters:

I had two days off so I came to [Milan] to hang out with a great friend of mine [Robinho]. My future? I have a contract with Real Madrid. Could I return to Milan? I’ve said I’m available, and so now it’s up to the two clubs to reach an agreement. I am willing find to any solution [to make the move to Milan happen]. I’ve already told Real Madrid that I am still very grateful to Milan. I love Milan and I left some great friends here. For me the situation at Real Madrid is not good.

So it’s a done deal right? Not quite.

Milan’s biggest issue surrounding any Kaka move concerns the player’s wages. On astronomical sums of money, Milan simply don’t have the cash to splash 200,000 euro a week on Kaka’s salary. However if Kaka is now prepared to reduce his weekly salary demands, then the Brazilian could well be back in Serie A before January ends.

Watch Italian TV prise a transfer-laden scoop interview out of Kaka below.