Out of Control: After Cerro Largo‎ beat Cerro 1-0 the match turned into the Royal Rumble

footbrawl stained last weekend’s round of fixtures in Uruguay as a mass melee erupted at the end of Cerro Largo‎ 1 – Cerro 0.

From beginning to end the punch-up was madness.

Immediately after the final whistle Cerro keeper Matias Rolero dashed 50-yards from his area to the sidelines, where he went to confront Cerro Largo‎ match-winner Rino Lucas. Once at his destination, and amid heated tensions, a pile players jumped in the mix to make sure Rolero didn’t do anything stupid. That backfired however, as it only served to raise the aggression levels further.

Next thing you know a group of Cerro Largo‎ players and an opposing group of a Cerro players were starring each other down as if they were about to wrestled in a rugby scrum whilst, almost incredibly, a ring of riot police appeared to doing a great job of penning all the warring parties in close proximity.

Thirty seconds later all hell had broken loose. Pockets of violence popped up all over the pitch with players, coaches and fans all slogging it out on the pitch.

Eventually the players were funneled down the tunnel, but that simply sparked another ruckus as the Cerro Largo supporters bellowed abuse from the bleachers.

Watch the crazy Cerro Largo‎-Cerro fight here.


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