Ouch! Tremoulinas (Bordeaux) vs Valbuena (Marseille) & Amoah (NAC) vs Verhoek (Den Haag)

A couple of filthy fouls were committed on the weekend that should be duly flagged up.

Saturday in France saw Bordeaux take on Marseille in the final of the Coupe de la Ligue, a match which OM won 3-1 to claim their first trophy since 1993.

With the match drawing to a close and with victory having been all but sealed, Marseille midfielder Mathieu Valbuena found himself with the opportunity to showboat as he picked up the ball near the touchline in the final moments of the final. Looking to run down the clock by heading down a cul-de-sac, Valbuena began juggling the ball as he inched closer and closer to his own corner-flag, while Bordeaux defender Benoit Tremoulinas (pictured) hovvered over his shoulder.

And it didn’t take long for Tremoulinas’ anger to spill over as he was denied possession by the trickster. So, with Valbuena playing his own game of keepy-uppy, Tremoulinas decided to come storming in from behind with a head-high kung-fu kickthat, while managing to nick the ball, also had the effect of thumping Valbuena in the side of the head.

Tremoulinas’ kick to Valbuena’s head can be seen here.

Unsavoury scenes were also on show in Holland over the weekend in the Friday night match between NAC Breda and ADO Den Haag.

In the run up to the halftime whistle the hosts, leading 1-nil at the time, found themselves under pressure from a corner which they only managed to partially clear. A foot race between home midfielder Matthew Amoah and his opponent Wesley Verhoek then played out as the pair tried to recover the loose ball, and Amoah sought to gain an unfair advantage by elbowing Verhoek in the head as they muscled for possession.

Verhoek immediately went crashing to the ground, however Amoah managed to avoid getting a booking for his assault.

Amoah’s elbow to Verhoek’s head can be seen here.