Ouch! Referee takes a beating in Croatia (Rudar Siveric vs Sabunjar)

We have no idea why a television crew was at the fourth division match in Croatia between Rudar Siveric and Sabunjar this week, but happily they were as they captured a disgraceful act of violence towards a referee.

The incident kicked off at the end of the match as Rudar Siveric’s number seven was hacked down in the box by the Sabunjar’s number four. It was a clear-as-day penalty, yet referee Pavic made the terrible decision of awarding a goal-kick to the visitors.

Cue the red mist.

Incensed at the decision Rudar’s number three lost his head completely as he charged at the official with a flying kick followed soon after with a right-hook towards the ref’s head. Fortunately that punch missed the target, but a second Rudar player quickly got involved too with a ferocious swing at the ref’s head.

After the melee has been quelled the referee produced two red cards before allowing the contest to end.

Footage of the violence can be seen here.