Ouch! Phil Jones’ missed penalty for Manchester United hit a fan square in the face [Vine & Jokes]

Of all the missed penalties during Manchester United’s shootout defeat against Sunderland, the one spot-kick which is being most talked about is Phil Jones’.

Jones, who missed penalty number eight in the shootout, is being lampooned from all quarters for his rubbish effort from 12-yards.

Not only did the Manchester United man yank his shot horribly wide, many have been drawn to Jones’ terrible technique in taking the penalty as he standing foot was far too far way from the ball as the #4 leaned back and skewed his shot wide.

Lastly, Jones’ penalty is being laughed over as his shot actually smacked a United fan right  in face after it sailed wide of the target.

Enjoy Phil Jones’ crap spot-kick together with jokes about the poor penalty.