Ouch! Neri Cardozo (Monterrey) versus the advertising hoarding

… and as you may have guessed, the advertising hoarding won.

Sunday night in Mexico saw a Pumas win a 3-2 thriller over Monterrey, but for visiting forward Neri Cardozo the match was particularly painful.

Looking the chase down a defence-splitting pass down the left hand side, Cardozo quickly realised that he had to turn his afterburners on. It was a game of cat and mouse as Cardozo reached the ball as it just rolled out of play, but with the momentum behind him, the striker instantly found himself heading for the advertising hoardings.

No problem. All Cardozo had to do was jump the hoardings and land on his feet. Simple, right?

Wrong and ouch!

Neri Cardozo’s painful (but comical) encounter can be seen here.

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Neri Cardozo is far from the only football who has suffered at the hands of advertising hoardings recently.

Last week in Brazil, the final of the Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior witnessed a similar injury when Bahia striker Rafael looked to jump the advertising hoardings so that he could celebrate scoring a penalty with his fans. This time the forward got hurt when he landed on a previously unseen staircase.

Rafael’s injury can be seen here.

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