Ouch! Liam Ridgewell (Birmingham) vs Theo Walcott (Arsenal) (video)

“I felt the tackle was a little bit from the side, but it looked at full pace. I don’t want to go too overboard because one of the beauties of the English game is total commitment. We have to cut out what is really dangerous but we have to keep the basics, the commitment that makes the league more attractive than any other league.” – Arsene Wenger.

“It was a hard, committed tackle. It was like watching Stuart Pearce again, committed to getting the ball before the forward. The problem sometimes is in the follow through. But what do you do? You’ll end up not making a tackle at all. I’m sure the Arsenal boys have made tackles like that in the past.” – Alex McLeish.

A fair tackle or over-zealous defending?

Liam Ridgewell’s tackle on Theo Walcott can be seen here.