Ouch! Hugo Barrientos (All Boys) vs Ruben Ramirez (Banfield)

For those who don’t like blood, look away now.

On Friday night in Argentina All Boys defeat Banfield 2-1, however all hell broke loose at the full time whistle after the visitor’s midfielder Ruben Ramirez was left with claret pouring down his face in an incident which went unpunished.

With Banfield looking for a last-gasp equaliser, the men in green looked to launch one last attack in the final seconds of the contest. As all eyes were focused on the developing attack down the left hand left, however, a terrible assault took place between Hugo Barrientos and Ramirez on the edge of the All Boys’ box.

Slyly, Barrientos cracked a punch on Ramirez’s left cheek, and the results of the coming together were soon plain as a bloodied and furious Ramirez needed to to be manhandled as he flew off the handle.

The incident can be seen here.