Ouch! Gorka Pintado (Swansea) vs Robbie Savage (Derby)

“That was a career-ending tackle. It was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s a good job I used my experience to get out of the way. If I hadn’t done that I would have had a broken leg and that would have ended my career. He should get banned for more than three games for that. I play on the edge but that was terrible. He knew he had to go. If the guy hadn’t lunged from 40 yards, two-footed and thigh-high, that [mass brawl] wouldn’t have happened. Most people will be glad it was on me. But what I want to see, as captain, is all my teammates coming in and sticking up for me.” – Robbie Savage.

Gorka Pintado’s horror tackle on Savage can be seen here.

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As a bonus, arguably the meatiest challenge seen anyone around Europe arrived in the third tier of Germany on Saturday in the match between Dynamo Dresden and Rot-Weiss Erfurt.

Poor David Solga (in red) had his season ended when he broke his leg in a monster tackle with opponent Martin Hauswald.

The footage can be seen here.