Oooh! Neymar tried the Pele no-touch dummy 1970 trick against Espanyol, but got cyncially taken out by the keeper!

Ever the inventive Malandro, Neymar attempted to emulate, and better, his Santos elder in the Catalan derby tonight.

Breaking through on goal, Neymar saw Espanyol keeper Kiko Casilla (aptly named!) charging out of goal to clear the danger.

Instead of going directly for the ball, though, Neymar had a flash of inspiration, and saw that goal that never was by Pele at the 1970 World Cup flash before his eyes, when he tried to dummy the Uruguay keeper without touching the ball.

It was all going to plan too, until the dastardly Casilla cyncially took Neymar out and denied him the chance of a legendary goal!

And he didn’t even get booked for his blatant act of sabotage!

Watch Neymar attempt to emulate Pele’s goal that never was on the clip below, with Pele’s original oeuvre on the second clip.

[gthumb id=”371457″ size=”large” autoplay=”1″]