One of the most brutal fights of the year: Zenit St. Petersburg vs CSKA Moscow

If you dont like violence, look away now.

Horrific scenes of hooliganism and thuggery were captured by an eagle-eyed Russian bystander this weekend as an organised battle between fans of Russian clubs Zenit St. Petersburg and CSKA Moscow was fought out on the streets.

Although Russia is not hosting the 2010 European Championships, that honour going to Poland and the Ukraine, the following footage once again draws attention to the problems of football violence dogging Eastern Europe.

The fight, held on Saturday as the two sides met in the Russian Premier League, saw a sizable gathering of around 100 men coming together and duking it out in the grim, grey backstreets of St. Petersburg. Tens of bodies were left sprawled across the ground after the battering, with fallen hooligans seen cowering to their oppressors after taking a beating.

After five minutes of pure brutality, finally a handful of policemen arrived on the scene to try and bring some law and order to the situation however, on the footage available, it appeared that the token officials had little chance of controlling the unruly masses by themselves.

Footage of the fight between Zenit and CSKA fans can be seen here.