One AC Milan fan sparks chaos at Inter Milan training session in Beijing

Whilst foreign tours may be money spinners for the biggest clubs in Europe, the local fans take these games very seriously. The video below will have you recalling the lone Manchester United fan that angered thousands of Liverpool supporters in Malaysia.

The latest incident of supporters getting all in a tizz comes from China in the lead up to the Super Cup final between Inter Milan and AC Milan on Saturday.

Inter Milan held an open training session in Beijing on Wednesday in preparation for the showcase match and one very brave/stupid Rossoneri fan turned up in his AC Milan shirt.

Quite how one shirt can turn so many supporters mental is beyond this blogger but the Chinese Inter Milan fans progressively moved from demanding the AC Milan supporter remove the offending kit to eventually forcefully removing it and attacking the man.

Notice also the police on the video who seem powerless to do very much. Perhaps Asia’s demand to see the biggest European clubs comes with the caveat that their fans will act like hooligans?

Footage of one AC Milan sparking chaos at Inter Milan’s training session in Beijing is here.