Once in a Lifetime: After an unjust penalty call, an Ecuadorian goalie saves two spot-kicks

El Nacional goalie Adrian Bone must have felt like Job on Sunday.

El Nacional are currently bottom of the first division in Ecuador, and last weekend the strugglers slumped to another loss, at home, to Universidad Catolica.

With the gods against them, and already 2-down to Catolica in the 71st minute, 24-year-old stopper Adrian Bone made a brilliant one-handed save to push the ball away from the tip of an opponent’s boot, only for the referee to award a penalty to the visitors.

A glass bottle was reportedly thrown from the stands at a linesman in the aftermath of the bad call, yet the drama was only starting to unfold.

Against the odds Adrian Bone made a terrific dive to his right to catch a low strike from creeping in the net. Danger over? No.

As if to send El Nacional mental, the officials called for the penalty to be retaken for encroachment (3 El Nacional players were in the box at the time the kick was taken), which in turned sparked more outrage from the hosts.

Eventually the second spot-kick was readied. Again the effort was struck down low to the keeper’s right. Again Adrian Bone made the save.

Watch Adrian Bone’s once in a lifetime moment of redemption below.