Once in a lifetime: A Portuguese goalie saves a penalty, then immediately scores from 80-yards out

Bruno Fonseca, a little-known Portuguese goalie for lower league side Águias da Musgueira, is about to hit the headlines in a big way.

Last weekend the unknown shotstopper had a match he’ll never forget as the custodian starred in a 1-1 draw with Lourel.

Played on a pitch that resembled a rice paddy, Bruno Fonseca began an incredible sixty seconds of football when he faced a Lourel penalty with ten minutes remaining on the clock.

Looking to see that his side didn’t fall 2-behind, Fonseca guessed the right way as the penalty was driven to his right hand side, and keeper followed up his initial stop with another two saves in quick succession to finally snuff out the danger.

With the ball finally secured in his grasp, Fonseca launched a long punt upfield. Incredibly, that punt travelled the full length of the pitch and bounced over this opposite number and into the goal.

Watch Bruno Fonseca’s penalty save & 80-yard goal below.