On Rooney’s Man United deal, Arsenal hero Ian Wright says 30 years ago he was on £100-a-week at Crystal Palace

How times have changed…

Arsenal hero Ian Wright was on the BBC”s 606 programme over the weekend when the topic of Wayne Rooney’s new £300,000-a-week contract at Manchester United came up in conversation.

Without begrudging Rooney’s mega-deal at Man United, Wright revealed just how different wages are in modern football by disclosing the terms of his first pay-packet when he joined Crystal Palace in 1985.

Ian Wright revealed that before he joined the Eagles the ex-England international was getting paid £105-a-week as a plasterer. Incredibly, when he signed on at Selhurst Park he took a £5 pay cut (!) to play professional football as his living.

Watch Arsenal legend Ian Wright talk about what wages were like in football when he started playing below.