On 12/12/12, Giovinco (number 12) scores his 12th goal for Juventus v Cagliari


To add to all the conspiracy theories that were floating around on Wednesday, that didn’t come to fruition, such as the world ending at 12.00, comes a rather amusing goal in Italy.

Sebastian Giovinco scored the only goal of the game for Juventus to beat Cagliari on 57 minutes (12 minutes into the second half) on Wednesday evening, which was of course dated: 12/12/12.

The “Atomic Ant” wears the number 12 on the back of his Juventus shirt and it was his 12th goal for the Bianconeri.

It was also Juventus’ 12th home game of the season. We have no idea what it all means but the goal can be seen below.

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