‘Olly, let’s go!’ Wilshere has to go back to dressing room to get Giroud out for warm-up [Video]

The tunnel cam below from today’s Community Shield shows all the usual shoulder-rubbing and salutations that take place in the bowels of a stadium on game day.

Player and team arrivals, greeting of mascots etc., but there was one funny moment that stood out.

With the Arsenal team waiting to go out onto the pitch for the warm-up, Jack Wilshere had to go back into the dressing room to get Olivier Giroud out, who was probably applying the final touches to his hair.

Wilshere yelled in at him, ‘Olly, let’s go! Everyone’s waitin!’

An hour later, it was Giroud who carried the Shield back into the dressing room after scoring a cracking goal, so whatever he was doing back there worked.

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