Olivier Giroud pulled off a “Bergkamp-esque” touch for Arsenal 2nd v West Ham [GIF]

Olivier Giroud has been under the cosh lately, predominantly from Arsenal fans who have felt the French striker has fallen away, much like the Gunners title challenge in recent weeks.

The Frenchman, who has been offered little support from Arsene Wenger, off the bench or in the Gunners squad, has struggled in recent games and his goal scoring record in the second half of the season is a long way off the first few months of the campaign.

On Tuesday night there were plenty of grumbles from Arsenal fans on social media, questioning why Giroud was still playing badly with many pointing to his extra marital affairs perhaps having an impact.

Until the 55th minute of the match, when Giroud plucked the ball out the night sky to put Arsenal 2-1 ahead.

As has been noted extensively already – “Bergkamp-esque” – there can be no bigger praise for an Arsenal striker than that!