Oh Really?! Journo ‘Geoff Shreeves’ Mick McCarthy by reminding him he had a falling out with Roy Keane at World Cup 2002

The trauma of the Saipan affair will haunt Mick McCarty for the rest of his days; 11 years on it follows him like a dark shadow.

Indeed, in his book he even details how it caused him nightmares; suffice to say much as it’s now water under the bridge, he will never forget it.

So he justifiably looked pretty askance at a tactless journo today who thought it apt to quiz him on Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane taking over as the new Ireland management team.

Seeing his interlocutor wasn’t for turning, he probed further by dragging up the past, as McCarthy looked increasingly baffled by the journo’s desperation for copy.

Then came the doozy: just in case McCarthy had forgotten, he reminded him of Saipan!

‘You had a falling out with Roy Keane at the 2002 World Cup’, to which McCarthy sarcastically replied, ‘Oh really! Did I? When was that, was I asleep?!’

Watch the cringeworthy Geoff Shreevesesque journalistic probing on the clip below.

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