Oh dear. Chelsea’s Fernando Torres with possibly his worst ever miss for Spain v Bolivia! [GIF & Video]

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Oh dear, oh Torres.

Just a minute after scoring a penalty against Bolivia tonight, Fernando Torres produced one of the misses of his career – and that’s saying something.

While it wasn’t an open goal like his infamous Old Trafford one, it was a much worse, more spectacular miss, as the player formerly known as The Kid blazed a botched lob over from 15 yards, in a clear 1 v 1 with the Bolivia keeper, after being excellently put through by Iniesta.

Why he even decided to lob from such a position beggars belief, but it was his execution that really made the jaw drop, as Torres sent it very, very high over the bar.

How does he manage to keep missing so spectacularly? And just after scoring…

Best to get them out of the system before the World Cup, right?