Off The Bar – a Sky Sports shocker?

Off The Bar is a new Sky Sports Premier League preview show, which is so titled due to the fact that the show is recorded in a pub (get it!).

On the positives, the show reintroduces att Lorenzo onto our screens, who returns much like a family member that you rarely see and enjoy in small doses. Looking well, Lorenzo is a welcome choice as a host, embodying the relaxed atmosphere the show is clearly trying to exude.

But that’s where the compliments end. Setting the show in a bar looks artificial and wannabe, failing to replicate the pub-chat which goes on up and down the country every weekend before and after games. Seeing pundits like Tony Gale drinking half an orange juice in the pub fails to resonate with the average footy punter, unless of course the talking-head was the designated driver for the night.

Final judgment on the show will be left until a few more episodes have been aired, but much like Spurs, Off The Bar has got off to a rocky start to the new season.

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