Of Neymar’s 8.8 million Twitter followers, 4.3 million are fake, 3.2 million are inactive [Status People]

Neymar is one of football’s biggest social media lovers – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, he’s digitally ubiquitous.

But unbeknown to himself, he’s been tweeting to a lot less people than he’s been led to believe.

The Social Media Management tool Status People, which enables Twitter users to vaingloriously find out who had the temerity to unfollow them, so that they can then furiously unfollow that person in turn; has done a study on some famous accounts, producing surprising results.

According to Status People, of Neymar’s 8.8 million followers, 4.3 million, or 49% of them are false, spam bots, fake Asian girls, or whatever.

Then another 3.2 million are deemed inactive, i.e. having not tweeted in the last 100 days, which means that only around 1.2 million of his followers are real.

Poor guy.