Nutters! Partizan Belgrade fans fight between themselves during the derby with Red Star

Trouble was always likely to rear it’s ugly head when Partizan Belgrade took on rivals Red Star Belgrade in Serbia on Saturday, but most would have expected the fighting to be between the rivals fans. That proved not to be the case.

According to reports, 104 arrests were made in Belgrade over the weekend as the top two teams in Serbia faced-off in a potentially title deciding match.

Courtesy of a terrific 89th minute free-kick from Milo Joji, Partizan claimed a 1-0 win which opened up a five-point lead over Red Star with two games remaining. However the battle on the pitch was only half of the action in the derby, as the bitter enemies took the opportunity to beat each other up.

Amid reports of fighting around the ground before and after kick-off, perhaps the craziest sight came when Partizan fans were seen fighting amongst themselves inside the stadium.

The trouble began as red flares started being hurled from one section of the Partizan crowd into another, and within minutes the crowd looked like a choppy sea as supporters became frantic as the home fans turned on each other.

As the Partizan ultras assaulted each other, eventually riot police were called into the fray to disperse the fan-on-fan violence.

Video of Partizan fans fighting each other can be seen below, along with a selection of powerful pictures from the Belgrade derby.