Nuts! The top 10 best nutmegs EVER

A couple of days ago we featured what some claim to be the best nutmeg ever. This followed a rather sensational nutmeg from Norway.

As a result, we vowed to prepare a list (we love lists!) of the top 10 best nutmegs EVER.

Below is the top ten best nutmegs and Pannas (are there any other names?) from some of the most famous players to ever play the Beautiful Game, and John O’Shea.

Of course, we may have missed some, so please leave more in the comments if you are perturbed/angry/upset/distraught over a classic clip we failed to include.

The list below is in chronological order and there is a bonus comedy nuts at the end…

UPDATE: All the clips below can be seen on one video here.

Juan Roman Riquelme on Mario Yepes

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Romario on Diego Maradona

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John O’Shea on Luis Figo

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Cristiano Ronaldo nutmegged by non leaguer Scott Hiley

[jwplayer config=”For-all-videos” mediaid=”265763″]

Santi Cazorla v Giourkas Seitaridis

[jwplayer config=”For-all-videos” mediaid=”265761″]

Juan Mata on Raul Albiol in Spain warm up at the 2010 World Cup

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Ronaldinho on unknown AC Milan team mate

[jwplayer config=”For-all-videos” mediaid=”265764″]

Christian Eriksen v Vitesse

[jwplayer config=”For-all-videos” mediaid=”265771″]

Luis Suarez v Stoke

[jwplayer config=”For-all-videos” mediaid=”265765″]

Lionel Messi v Sevilla

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Bonus comedy nuts! Johan Djourou v Reading

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