Nuts! Jaja (Ipatinga) vs Fabian Carini (Atletico Mineiro)

What a horrific goal to concede.

Sunday night in Brazil saw Atletico Mineiro take on Ipatinga in the Brazilian Mineiro I league, and the match was made memorable by an incredible opening goal early in the second half.

Ipatinga striker Jaja picked up the ball 30-yards from goal and, after shifting the ball past his covering defender, the number 9 took a pot-shot at the target. In truth the shot was weak, barely reaching the six-yard box with any pace whatsoever, yet unbelievably the ball ended up in the net after an atrocious howler from home keeper Fabian Carini.

Jaja’s “nuts” of Carini to score one the funniest goals of the weekend can be seen here.