Nordin Gerzic (Orebro) gets sent off for giving Stefan Selakovic (IFK Gothenburg) a dead arm

The Allsvenskan match last night between IFK Gothenburg and Orebro contained an amusing incident. Orebro’s Nordin Gerzic (pictured) saw red in the 53rd minute of the match for laying a pretty lame punch on opposition midfielder Stefan Selakovic.

The incident occured as Orebro were beginning to get back into a match they eventually lost 1-0. Gothenburg defender Ragnar Sigurdsson had brought down Gerzic with a sliding tackle and was booked before Selakovic allegedly said something to provoke Gerzic into hitting him on the arm.

The Swedish papers are this morning full of counter claims from both players. Gerzic said: “I lost my head, it was idiotic of me… but everyone knows he talks sh*t.” Selakovic responded that his words had not been so “bad, provocative comments such as these are heard all the time.”

The incident can be seen here.