What’s Jetlag: Rabello (Sevilla) scores in Montenegro & Manchester in space of 24 hours

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Why Sevilla? No one knows.

Normally players choose a club with whom they feel a special connection (a la Gerrard – Olympiakos), but Rio Ferdinand for some reason chose Sevilla, a club he apparently never even played against.

And if he chose Sevilla expecting to rout them due to their Europa League qualifications commitments, that backfired!

Less than 24 hours had elapsed between the moment the final whistle blew in Montengro last night as Sevilla qualified for the Europa League, and the kick off at Old Trafford this evening for Rio Ferdinand’s Testimonial.

And despite the lack of rest and sleep, the Andalusians put on quite a show.

They thoroughly outplayed United and ran out deserved 3-1 winners, raining on poor Rio’s parade.

And it was a particularly whirlwinde 24 hours for 18 year old Chilean Bryan Rabello, who scored in both games!

That’s sure to be a future pub quiz question: Which player scored in two different games in two different countries in the space of 24 hours?

(And keep a look out for Rio’s stunned reaction to Rabello’s goal!)

Rabello can be seen scoring the third goal in Sevilla’s 6-1 rout of Montengran side Podgorica last night.

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