NMA TV: Taiwanese animators excellent cartoon report on Lionel Messi’s tax problems in Spain

NMA TV, the Taiwanese news animators, have dug their claws in Lionel Messi’s tax problems.

For anyone not in the know, Messi and his father Jorge were this week accused of defrauding the Spanish government by 4 million euros amid claims that Messi siphoned off large chunks of promotional income through a complex web of worldwide shell companies.

Messi has since denied the accusations on his Facebook page, yet still the story survives.

NMA TV’s insight is excellent.

Mocking Messi’s financial problems by drawing the Barcelona star kicking sacks of money into the goalmouth, whilst later having members of the public abuse the Barcelona star with a range of his promotoinal products, the NMA TV editorial comes to the cynical conclusion that “rich people don’t go to jail” and thus Messi is suspected to get off scott-free.

Moreover, the NMA TV report also turn the tables of the Spanish government by twisting the story into one about the financial plight of the Iberians.

Watch NMA TV’s excellent cartoon report on Lionel Messi’s tax problems in Spain.

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