NMA TV Taiwanese Animation: Ashley Young is a diving w*****

You know your reputation has hit a new low when the ladies at NMA TV get their animation claws into you.

Villain of the week Ashley Young is the latest victim of NMA TV’s always excellent mini cartoons and the Manchester United winger is first pictured on the pitch ready for a swim.

After describing Young as a “diving wa****” and showing the former Aston Villa star training in a swimming pool, Sir Alex Ferguson makes an appearance with an interesting assertion that veteran Scot won’t mind how the Premier League is won.

NMA then dredge up Young’s previous transgression, revealed by the now defunct News of the World, of his web-cam sessions and then wonders if English players diving will help the Three Lions national team and Great Britain side at the Olympics.

The excellent NMA TV animation on Ashley Young is here.

Previous NMA TV clips have concentrated on Aaron Ramsey and his celebrity death goal curse and Fabio Capello quitting as England manager.