Nike Viral: Theo Walcott (Arsenal) can “Make The Difference” (video)

Nike must be kicking themselves that they have invested so much in promoting the idea that Theo Walcott can “Make The Difference,” only to watch on as the Arsenal winger recuperates on the sidelines from injury.

The sports manufacturing giant readily admit as much in their blurb for their latest viral video.

Nike: “When Arsenal look to continue their fast start to the season at Old Trafford on Saturday night, they’ll do so without their speediest asset. Laid out by a back injury, Theo Walcott will be anxiously patrolling his living room, rather than menacingly stalking the right flank.

“Arsenal could have rushed him back. Yet to play a minute of competitive football this season, Walcott much be itching to go. But there is a long year ahead: the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Champions League, and then on to the grandest stage of them all in South Africa next summer.

“Theo is carrying not just the hopes of a club, but a nation. When he’s finally unleashed, be it next week or beyond, he will be driven by demands most twenty-year old athletes daren’t consider. Can he make the difference?”

101’s answer: Probably not.

Nike’s new slick viral video featuring Theo Walcott can be seen here.