Nicolas Anelka tries to explain the alleged anti-semitic gesture; French sports minister slams him [Tweets]

Earlier, we were the first English site to report on Nicolas Anelka’s alleged anti-semitic celebration.

The gesture, known as ‘la quenelle’, was produced by the West Brom striker as a celebration of his first goal at West Ham.

It has whipped up a media frenzy in England, with the gesture used offensively in France as a ‘Nazi salute in reverse’.

Nicolas Anelka took to Twitter to defend his actions claiming it was simply a special dedication to his comedian friend Dieudonné.

Dieudonné is the man who popularised the gesture, in trouble in France for his anti-semitic and generally racist jokes.

The French minister for Sport was not impressed by the actions of the 34 year old forward.

How will the FA respond?


Nicolas Anelka