Neymar visits Brazil training, while Scolari gets stern talk from CBC chief Jose Maria Marin [Pictures]

Poor Brazil dragged themselves out from under their beds to get out and face the world today: time to train, there’s still a game to play.

There were long faces all round as the players tried to rouse themselves and move on from Tuesday night’s historic debacle.

A dazed-looking Neymar paid a visit on the session, sharing an embrace with beleaguered Scolari, and chatting with the rest of his teammates.

David Luiz, the poor guy, still looks completely shellshocked, and has the face of a man who hasn’t slept well in the last 48 hours.

There was another special guest, though probably less welcome from Big Phil’s point of view: CBF President Jose Maria Marin.

A pretty stern and terse conversation seemed to take place between the pair – just what could they have been talking about?

(Pictures via Daily Mail)