Neymar plays a kick target shooting game on a Japanese game show, does brilliantly well [Video]

A brilliant (and lengthy) video has come out of Japan in the past few days showing how Barcelona and Brazilian striker Neymar excelled on a Japanese TV game show.

The show, which was aired on New Year’s Day in Japan, featured Neymar facing a ball-in-the-hole type challenge as the starlet needed to select and aim shots at a series of numbered sections blocking route to the goalmouth.

In total their were nine targets which Neymar had to hit, while the Brazilian was only given 10 chances to hit all the targets.

Noticeably, when Lionel Messi attempted the same task, the Argentine legend only managed to get 8 out of 9. Amazingly Neymar bettered that.

Watch Neymar play a kick target shooting game on a Japanese game show below.