Neymar might play in World Cup final should Brazil get past Germany [Reports]

Surely not, right?

Selecao Brasileira was the first person we saw breaking the story on Twitter but his claims that Neymar might play in the World Cup final, should Brazil get there, seemed a little far fetched.

Yet soon after credible sources like Spanish site AS and Brazilian site Globo Esporte published similar reports and newspapers in Brazil are reporting the possibility of the fallen star rising to play in the final. The head of Brazilian press said that ‘nobody is thinking that now, we’re just thinking about his recovery’, not denying that it was a possibility.

Doctors apparently said that if somebody could choose where to have an injury on the spine it would be where Neymar was hit.

Neymar was stretchered off against Colombia after breaking a bone in his back and was immediately ruled out of the rest of the tournament. In fact, doctors said that had the knee of Zuniga hit Neymar’s back two inches higher then the Brazil maestro could have been paralysed for life.

The Barcelona player would apparently have to take painkillers and injections in order to play but apparently the decision is his.

However, stranger things have happened. Think Ronaldo playing the final against France in 1998 despite having a fit before the game. That gamble didn’t pay off and this one surely seems like a bigger one.

But Neymar does hold an incredibly high status in Brazil and in that squad so maybe. Yet if they can conquer Germany without him, is it worth risking his career?

We’d say no. But we’ve never been given the opportunity to represent our country at home in a World Cup final.