Neymar looks weak & exhausted during corporate Nike street football event with Malaysian kids

Neymarmania looks like its taking its toll on its protagonist.

With Barcelona globetrotting around Europe, the Middle East and on to the Far East, it’s been a whirlwind introduction to life in the Barcelona spotlight for Neymar Jr.

With the accumulation of air miles, change of time zones, tonsil operation and subsequent resulting  anaemia, Neymar has lost a significant amount of weight (between 5-7 kilos), yet he’s had no chance to rest, and is still being obligated to partake in corporate events between games.

Yesterday Neymar was asked to take part in a game of ‘street ball’ with Malaysiankids (which was a poor attempt at portraying him as a man of the people – not that he isn’t, but the whole thing was staged by Nike).

He looked barely enthused, famished and basically exhausted, forcing smiles at the flashing cameras, performing a few rudimentary tricks, before being whisked away in a van.

The real toll that all of this has taken on Neymar will be evident next weekend. When La Liga kicks off and there’s no time to rest…

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