Neymar breaks down in tears recalling horror spine injury: ‘I could have ended up in a wheelchair’ [Video]

Neymar gave a press conference today, his first public utterance since his World Cup dream ended 6 days ago following Zuniga’s brutal knee into his back in the World Cup quarter final.

After visiting the training ground, Neymar spoke to the press, and asked for his take on the injury – which he said ‘wasn’t a normal tackle’, Ney Junior understandably got pretty emotional, as he recalled the horror injury.

Neymar began, ‘God protected me, by…because….(he then breaks down at the recollection)

‘…I could have ended up in a wheelchair.’ (….)

‘….In such an important moment in my career…and I ended up suffering like that….but that’s part of sport.’

Neymar then struggled to compose himself again, as the horror image came flooding back to him; the poor guy is still probably in a mild state of shock.

And conflated with Tuesday’s Mineirazo debacle, which he watched from home, Neymar’s nerves and emotions must be being put through the wringer.

(He’s not being melodramatic about the wheelchair either; had Zuniga connected 2cm higher, it’s strongly believed Neymar could have been left permanently paralyzed.)

Watch the video below.