Newsnight Investigates: Liverpool’s unsolved questions on Hillsborough

Nearly 20 years may have passed, but the findings into the the 1989 Hillsborough disaster which saw 96 Liverpool fans killed are still being contested on Merseyside, and the BBC’s leading investigative journalism show Newsnight have reopened the case to looked into the criticisms still being voiced by those who were affected by the tragedy.

The central question remains how, and why, did so many people die at a football match?

Officially the police have been blamed for their incompetence and failure at the time of the disaster, but many still believe that more questions remain covered-up. No individuals have ever been held accountability for the events of the day. And in particular, the findings from the time of the original investigation which saw the coroner rule that all the deaths at Hillsborough had been suffered by 3.15pm still remain hugely divisive with many challenging that conclusion which denies the possibility that the failings of the emergency services contributed to many of the deaths on the day.

As part of the Newsnight report the only ambulance man, Tony Edwards, to enter the Liverpool end of the ground during the tragedy is interviewed. Edwards calls the 3.15 cut-off time a “time of convinencie” with the eye-witness remembering clearly the events at the time.

The excellent Newsnight report into the Hillsborough disaster can be seen here.