New York City FC’s three star men oil up in outrageous photo-shoot ft. Lampard & Pirlo [Picture]

New MLS franchise New York City FC have quickly signed up some of the biggest names on the planet.

Former Barcelona and Valencia striker David Villa was joined this summer by European midfield legends Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo.

The three superstar MLS players took part in a rather outrageous photo-shoot for New York Magazine in which they oiled up before broodily posing on stools.

Enjoying the twilight years of their career in New York, the well-paid trio do not look particularly happy as the pose for the camera.

All three started in this weekend’s 2-0 defeat to local rivals New York Red Bulls.

The trio have a whopping 318 international caps between them but new signings Andrea Pirlo and Frank Lampard somewhat disappointed in the derby game this weekend.

However, they are nonetheless becoming icons in American sport and could be the ones to take the MLS to the next level.