New Rules to Di Canio Manifesto: Foreign Sunderland players must learn 5 English words a day, no national cliques

‘They decided to come in England, they have to speak English.’

When you put it like that, there’s really no arguing with it.

New Rules have been added to the Di Canio Manifesto.

Irked with his international dressing room’s patent inertia in grasping the basics of the English language, Sunderland boss has imposed a new rule on his squad: all players must speak English.

Di Canio has had it up to here with national cliques forming on the training ground (‘just go to your house to do this’), and will now be vigilant to break these up.

As part of his English rule, Sunderland’s foreign players should learn ‘5 key words per day’, which again, the way Di Canio explains it, really shouldn’t be too much to ask (eh Carlitos Tevez?).

Watch Di Canio outline the new language rule to his Manifesto during yet another entertaining and enthralling press conference.

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