New Fulham owner Shahid Khan sends classy newsletter to fans of Jacksonville Jaguars regarding Fulham

Mohamed Al Fayed’s imminent replacement Shahid Khan has already made a good impression with Fulham fans.

Not only does he have a majestic moustache but the new billionaire owner has sent out a classy newsletter to the ticket holders of his American football team Jacksonville Jaguars.

After 16 very successful years at the club Al Fayed is stepping down but is hoping to leave the club in the safe hands of Shahid Khan.

In his newsletter he explains to his ticket holders exactly what he is doing in England and assures the fans that his plans for the Jaguars are ‘unaffected’ and ‘unchanged’.

The special message also informs the fans that he is a ‘long time soccer fan’ and promises both Fulham and the Jaguars 100% commitment.

Hopefully the new chairman won’t  change the outrageous Michael Jackson statue outside the stadium. (Apart from possibly giving him a moustache.)