New FIFA 13 feature: Swear at the referee

Year on year it is easy to wonder what new feature the makers of tomorrow’s new video games will include and fair play to EA Sports – they have come up with a cracker for the FIFA 13 game.

At the Microsoft E3 conference on Monday, the head of EA Sports Andrew Wilson, announced how FIFA 13 would use Kinect voice commands on the eagerly awaited franchise.

With Kinect on FIFA 13, you will be able to change formations mid-game, make substitutions and question a referee’s decision with your own voice commands.

At the E3 conference, the user swore at an offside call as Alexis Sanchez of Barcelona had a goal disallowed against Real Madrid.

Footage of Kinect in action on FIFA 13 can be seen here.

The new gameplay trailer for FIFA 13 is here.