New Barcelona signing Thomas Vermaelen asked: ‘Are you ever mistaken for Jude Law?’ [Video]

After ‘passing’ his medical and signing his contract over the weekend, Thomas Vermaelen has sat down for his first interview with Barcelona’s official club channel.

The Belgian spoke of how eager he is to settle in quickly, by learning the language, and getting to know his teammates and the city.

Vermaelen also paid tribute to Carles Puyol, who’s he not been brought in to ‘replace’ as such, but in whose footsteps he’s following.

At the end of the interview, the interviewer asked him, ‘Have you ever been mistaken for the actor Jude Law?’, which cracked Vermaelen up, replying,

‘Yeah, people say that to me!’

Hm. Had him down as a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie myself.

Thomas Vermelaen