New Adidas ads: Robin van Persie is magic, Emmanuel Adebayor is cheesy

Adidas are stepping up their advertising just days before Christmas, releasing two new ads which they hope will boost their football boot sales in the holiday season.

The first ad, promoting the Predator boot, finds Robin van Persie standing in the middle of a goal showing off some basic skills in the lead up the magic moment. After about 10 seconds of playing keepy-uppy, the Dutch striker produced an unbelievable piece of skill by smacking the ball on the volley onto the underside of the bar, with the ball bouncing back onto the turf only to rise again, and nestle perfectly in the top corner.

See the ad here.

By contrast, the second ad featuring Emmanuel Adebayor is far more cheesy. Adopting the imagination of a five-year-old, Adidas promote their new F50.9 TUNiT boot by having to Togolese striker pretend to turn the studs of his boot in the same fashion as a radio dial is manually turned, with different types of music being heard along the way.

See the ad here.