New AC Milan keeper Diego Lopez writes open letter thanking Real Madrid fans & teammates

Keylore Navas’ arrival at Real Madrid left the European champions with three top goalkeepers; too much for any club let alone one of Madrid’s standing.

Something had to give, and Diego Lopez proved to be the fall guy, transferring to AC Milan.

But the Galician keeper leaves with no biterness, and seems genuinely grateful just to have been given the honour of playing for Real Madrid, which is really the only natural considering his career path.

When Jose Mourinho signed him in January 2013, Lopez was a journeyman keeper, a relative unknown outside of La Liga, and his surprise re-signing for the club he’d always dreamed of playing for was a massive and unexpected bonus for him.

After taking over the Number 1 spot from Iker Casillas (in La Liga) in his season and a half from the club, Lopez has written an open letter to the fan, teammates and staff at Madrid, and wished them all the best for the future.