Neville & Carrgher unpack Chelsea’s striker-less setup (a sign they need Wayne Rooney?)

Sky Sports’ Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher gave an interesting insight into why they believed Jose Mourinho failed to pick any striker in his starting XI at Manchester United on Monday night.

Jamie Carragher’s kneejerk reaction to seeing Chelsea’s line-up at Old Trafford was to quip:

I wondering if he’s [Jose] sending a message to the owner in the stands. It’s obvious. We all know he wants Rooney. But he’s basically saying [to Chelsea’s forwards] you’re not good enough. I think thats what he’s telling everyone. Telling the world out there. 

You could say it’s the end [for Fernando Torres] at Chelsea. I didn’t think he’d have too great a time with Mourinho. As soon as Jose came in, his quotes were quite negative about Torres… [In 2008-9 ] you wouldn’t have swapped him for anyone. But now? He can’t even get on the pitch… I don’t think we’ll ever see Torres come back to player we did see several years ago against Vidic at Old Trafford.

It was then Neville’s turn to pick-apart Chelsea’s attacking options, with the ex-Manchester United defender claiming that Chelsea lack a point-man to bring others into the game.

According to Neville:

Torres isn’t good at bringing others into the game… Ba doesn’t have the subtly and cleverness… Lukaku is young and raw… Wayne Rooney is obviously a player who can do that. 

Watch the excellent analysis on the video below.