WWE Football: Ibrahim Hazazi (Al-Ittihad) sent off for eye gouge v Al Hilal

There was an outbreak of WWE towards the end of Al-Ittihad’s 4-2 defeat to Al Hilal in Friday’s Saudi Premier League game.

Chasing down a loose ball, Ibrahim Hazazi went in agressively on an Al Hilal player, though in real time he didn’t appear to have made much contact.

The replay shows, however, that Hazazi stuck his fingers in the the Al Hilal players’ eye, which explains his dramatic reaction, writhing around on the ground in agony and stamping his feet.

As he only booked Hazazi, one would have to assume the ref didn’t see the eye gouge, and rather presumed it was just a facepalm contact.

Though perhaps the bizarrest thing of all was that as the incident occured right before full time, Hazazi was left to walk around the pitch scott free, shaking hands with the Al Hilal players who surely hadn’t realised Hazazi had just eye gouged one of their teammates.

Here’s hoping Hazazi gets his comeuppance with a lengthy ban. An eye for an eye.

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