MUTV Balls-Up: Gary Pallister gets credited for being well-endowed

In the aftermath of Manchester United’s victory in the Champions League last night, MUTV had their usual post-match phone-in, with Paul Parker joining Gary Pallister as the talking-heads on the receiving end of the line.

However the pair were left red-faced after one cheeky caller, known as “Simon from Leicester,” managed to sidestep the rigorous vetting checks before going live on air and congratulating Pally “on the size of his balls. It’s looks like he’s got a massive c**k!”

With Paul Parker’s eye popping out of their sockets, the bleached-blonde hostess tried to make a means for the terrible faux pas, offering a host of comments ranging from “Oh! That’s terrible!,” to “You are obvious a very jealous man,” before finally concluding “perhaps it’s the angle. I don’t know.”

See the MUTV balls-up here.

[The Spoiler]