Move On: Rafa Benitez responds to Steven Gerrard’s claim that he didn’t like him (Video)

Rafa Benitez was given the right of reply to Steven Gerrard’s autobiography claims yesterday, in which the former Liverpool captain wrote that Rafa ‘didn’t like him as a person’.

Gerrard portrays Benitez as a cold and calculated tactician with no time for love or affection, and judging by Rafa’s meeting with Gerrard’s mother, he also lacks some tact.

Gerrard said that the first thing Rafa said after meeting his mother was ‘Does Steven like money?’

With a wry smile on his face, Benitez enigmatically replied:

‘I’ve read the quotes, and I think he’s wrong; out of respect for the club I think it’s better to move on, and that’s it.’

He also added, with a little needle, ‘Now that I’m the manager of Real Madrid, that sells more (books).’