Mourinho out! Jose dramatically drops Iker Casillas & Real promptly lose at Malaga

“I’m not worried about my job at all and I’m not going to resign. I’m not a child. I know that results count. If I felt the players did not want to continue, I’d be too honest to continue. But they are not like that; we are just lacking some luck in the last few games, that is all… At the moment, for me and my coaching staff, Adan is better than Iker.” – Jose Mourinho.


Jose Mourinho gambled and it backfired big time.

The shock result on Saturday night in Spain was Real Madrid’s 3-2 defeat at Malaga.

In truth ‘shock’ is the wrong word. Malaga, who topped their Champions League, sat only a few places behind Madrid before kick-off, and with Real far from top form this season a Los Blancos defeat was always a possibility.

But then came the big pre-match news. Goalie and Real captain Iker Casillas was dropped. Why? Definitive answers were nowhere to be seen, however the widespread belief was that Mourinho was benching Casillas as a punishment.

Note: Earlier in the season whispers starting spreading after Iker Casillas didn’t celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo’s dramatic winner for Real Madrid v Manchester City.

Whether a punishment or not, and for whatever reason, Real were the big losers on the night.

For just the second time this season Madrid shipped three goals at the back and, in losing at Malaga, the race for the league looks completely over with Barcelona lording a 16-point lead heading into the winter break.

Iker Casillas was filmed on the subs bench during the Malaga defeat, and his behaviour didn’t need an interpretator to be understood.

After Malaga went ahead through an Isco goal, Casillas buried his head in his hand as he couldn’t bring himself to look at the pitch. Even before that moment though, Casillas gave off a massive negative vibe as he slumped himself in his chair and tucked his face deep into his lumpy coat.

Both is the clip of Casillas’ reaction to Malaga’s goal and longer footage of Iker’s behaviour during the game (and a GIF can be seen below the fold).

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